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Energizer's ridiculous 18,000 mAh smartphone is an absolute unit

The booths at this year's Mobile World Congress are not short of bizarre cell phones – from devices that flip down to something sketchy phones that mine cryptocurrencies. The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop, however, takes the biscuit.

He then eats this biscuit and then a lot more because he is indescribably fat. It's thicker than the Gideon Bible, which is currently resting in the nightstand of my hotel. It's heavier than a sumo wrestler in a hall of mirrors. It has more chunks than Chunk from The Goonies. It is massive .

I mean, look at this monster. What you see is a non-functional representation of the phone. Although an Energizer representative could not give me exact dimensions, the ever-reliable GSM Arena says it's 18mm thick – and that seems to me to be right. If you carry this beast around, the owner has to feel like a modern sysiphus. Even with my grotesque bovine canine mutant hands (an unfortunate by-product when I grew up next to the UK's most polluted river), it felt incredibly massive.

As you would expect with a powerizer from Powerizer, the Power Max P18K, Pop comes with a 18,000 mAh battery. For the context, this is about ten times the cell that drives the iPhone 7. The capacity of the insane Blackview P10000 Pro, which, as the name implies, contains a 10,000 mAh battery is almost twice as large.

Of course this means quite serious stamina. According to TrustedReviews the Power Max P18K Pop can play videos for 200 hours continuously and has a standby time of 50 days. As you might expect, users can also use the phone as a power bank to charge their other devices, such as headphones and tablets.

And then it's the fact that it looks weird. This phone has a full display housing, with the two front facing cameras hidden with a pop-up mechanism. We've seen this approach on several other devices, including the Vivo Nex and its Gallic clone, the Archos Diamond.

write about. It runs Android 9.0 Pie . At the heart of the device is a MediaTek Helio P70 SoC, which is paired with adequate 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. On the back of the unit is a three-camera setup in a 12, 5, and 2 megapixel configuration (but strangely no visible flash).

Honestly, I'm a bit awed by this phone. Would I ever buy one? Under no circumstance. I doubt it would even fit in the pocket of my jeans. (Although I have to confess, I did not really try.) In my experience, company representatives get a bit of Arsey when it looks like they're stealing the goods.)

But when I'm traveling through the Australian desert or across the desert hike Climb Mount Everest, I would probably be really glad to have that. And if I was in that little niche that needed an extremely high-capacity phone, I'd probably be more familiar with a device of a known and trusted brand than with an obscure Chinese brand.

The Power Max P18K Pop will be available for sale later this year. Unfortunately, Energizer did not announce an exact start date or price, but I would not be surprised if it continued to offer a bonus.

Published February 25, 2019 – 19:24 UTC

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