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Epic Games vs Google and Apple: Which Side Are You On?

While we focused on the “console war”, Epic Games was preparing for its own. The past few hours have been absolutely insane given the announcements from Epic, Apple, and Google. It all started when Epic announced a bypass to its customers by offering them a direct gateway to purchase Fortnite V dollars through their website. This is so that they don’t have to bear the brunt of the 30% fee charged by Google and Apple on transactions. Obviously, this meant trouble.

Apple was the first to respond. Fortnite was removed from the App Store shortly after Epic’s announcement. But it looks like that’s exactly what they wanted. Shortly after being removed from business, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple.

Shortly thereafter, Google banned the game from its Play Store. And of course, Epic had planned this too and reportedly filed a lawsuit against them as well. Check out Rod Breslau̵

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Epic Games accuses Apple of being monopoly

But they didn’t stop there. They are doing everything they can to crack down on Apple where they re-created an old Apple ad. Epic has also streamed and counted it live for the past 14 hours. With #FreeFortnite they even started the trend of attracting more people to their cause.

This is in response to Apple’s own advertisement back when they made a statement against IBM’s alleged monopoly rule.

But now as Epic claims “Apple has become what it once raged against: the giant that wants to control the markets, block competition and suppress innovations”

As poetic as it may seem, this is not a mere marketing move by the epic. It’s no joke against two of the largest tech companies in the world. But is that justified? And if so, what do Apple and Google say for themselves?

Taking into account the case of Epic, they make a strong argument where they express their monopoly skills. This is very reminiscent of the 1998 Microsoft Antitrust case. Similar allegations were made when Microsoft was accused of monopolizing the PC and software industries. At its core was the fact that uninstalling Internet Explorer caused problems with the operating systems and did not allow third-party software such as Netscape or Java to run smoothly. Microsoft was definitely lagging behind and eventually had to reach an agreement that would give developers access to its systems, records, and source code for 5 years to ensure compliance.

Check out these tweets from Daniel Ahmad

So the 30% fee from Apple and Google seems exorbitant.

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How can Google and Apple defend themselves?

On the other hand, there are major safety concerns. And here Apple and Google can bring their cases. Check out this Twitter thread from analyst Benedict Evans.

And to a certain extent, this also makes sense. The two companies can also argue that by providing a bypass for their systems, Epic also violated the rules that made them likely sneaked into a different mode of payment. This will not go down well with any of the developers.

However, Apple is individually in a defensive position as it has had issues with Facebook Gaming and Microsoft’s xCloud services. Facebook had to launch its gaming app almost two months after Android launched on iOS because iOS did not allow the app to be published with certain features enabled. Eventually, Facebook gave in and had to remove these features.

Testing of xCloud on iOS has also reportedly been canceled due to the App Store’s strict guidelines. This makes it seem like Apple is the bad guy and is putting a lot of restrictions on other developers.

Both sides have valid arguments and we still don’t have a clear winner. It will all depend on who is more transparent and offers their customers more advantages. Things have been set in motion and there is no turning back for Epic Games. One thing is certain, however, whatever the outcome, it will forever change the face of the tech industry.

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