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Equinix acquires the bare metal cloud provider Packet-TechCrunch

Equinix announced today the acquisition of the bare metal cloud provider Packet. The New York start-up, which according to Pitchbook data had raised over $ 36 million at a value of $ 100 million.

Equinix has a number of data centers and locations around the world. Organizations that want more control over their hardware can use their services, including storage, power, and cooling systems, instead of running their own data centers.

Equinix Gets Packet A Unique Cloud Infrastructure Provider It is interesting that COO George Karidis came from Equinix when he joined the company, and so there is a connection. Karidis described his company in a TechCrunch article from September 201


"We offer a wide variety of hardware options," he said. This means that you can equip servers with Intel, ARM, AMD or certain nVidia GPUs in any desired configuration. In contrast, public cloud providers tend to offer a standard approach. It's cheap and plentiful, but you have to take what they offer and that doesn't always work for every customer. "

In a blog post announcing the deal, company co-founder and CEO Zachary Smith had a message for customers who might be concerned about the change of ownership:" If the transaction closes later this quarter, Packet to continue working as before: the same team, the same platform, the same vision. ”

He also offered the default value. In such a business, the company could scale much faster under Equinix than on its own because it can access the enormous resources of its new company , including more than 200 data centers in 55 markets and 1,800 networks.

Sara Baack, Primary Product According to an Equinix employee, the merger of the two companies will offer a range of bare metal options for future customers. "Our combined strengths will enable companies to be wherever they need to be, connect everyone and integrate everything that is important to their company," she said in a statement.

Although the companies did not share the purchase price, they did indicate that after the transaction was completed, they would have more details about the transaction, which is expected in the first quarter of this year.

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