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Erectile dysfunction drug could be used to treat critical COVID-19 cases

During the process of making medications to treat various diseases, an unintended side effect can sometimes occur and sometimes this can be a good thing. Take, for example, Viagra, which was originally developed to treat high blood pressure, but was later discovered to be more effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

It now appears that another erectile dysfunction drug has found another potential use beyond its original scope, that is, treating critical COVID-1

9 cases. Known as Aviptadil (VIP), the drug was intended to treat erectile dysfunction, but it has also proven useful in the treatment of patients who are in the critical stages of COVID-19 and who may be able to help that to stop acute respiratory distress syndrome. [19659002] No cure for the COVID-19 virus that plagues the world is currently known. Doctors can only treat and treat the symptoms as they occur. If VIP is promising, it can help healthcare workers fight the virus while working on more specific treatments and vaccines.

This is important because medication is taken time to develop and extensive testing needs to be done to ensure that it is safe. However, using existing medication could help alleviate the current situation. Based on the tests, seven out of eight patients who received ventilators appeared to experience significant improvements after VIP treatment, with six ultimately leaving the hospital alive.

Before you hope to use VIP in treatments, it should be noted that the FDA has not yet approved the drug for public use. Instead, the FDA issued a letter to the companies that developed the drug, entitled “Study can continue,” in which they can now start a phase 2 study with the drug. Filed in Medical . Read more about Coronavirus, Covid-19 and health. Source: bgr

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