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EU wants Apple to drop the flash in favor of a standard charging port

In the early days of cell phones, almost every cell phone manufacturer had its own charger. So if you're using a manufacturer's phone, you can't charge it with another company's charger. However, this has changed over the years when the manufacturers of Android phones switched to micro-USB and now to USB-C.

However, there is a disadvantage, namely Apple, that continues to use the Lightning connector with its iPhones (and some others). It looks like the EU is considering whether to pass a law that will force Apple to do so to use a more commonly used charging port such as USB-C.

It is unclear If this law came into force, how could Apple respond? Before that, however, the company had defended its decision not to make the switch, which indicated that it would make many devices unnecessary and also generate a lot of electronic waste. This would also not be the first time that the EU has asked companies to join forces and use a more uniform standard.

However, there were rumors that Apple might be looking for a switch to USB-C. After all, the iPad professionals have already made this transition, and since the MacBook laptops have already given up the old connections in favor of USB-C, we imagine that this is only a matter of time, but when exactly it remains to be seen.

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