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Europe’s most popular EV is not a Tesla, Nissan or VW … what?

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When scanning via the media of electric vehicles, certain brand names are more important than others. Tesla is obviously mentioned frequently. Nissan, which has been in the EV game for 1

0 years, was also in the press this week after launching its 300-mile range ‘Ariya’. And Ford’s upcoming deals on electric vehicles are very exciting.

But none of these brands make Europe’s most popular electric vehicle when it comes to sales. According to Bloomberg, this title goes to the French car maker Renault and its affordable electric car Zoé.

In the past six months, the Tesla Model 3 has been the best-selling electric vehicle in a number of European countries such as Iceland, Germany and the UK, far outperforming any competition. Nevertheless, the Zoé managed to sell more units overall.

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Renault sold almost 40,000 Zoés in the first half of 2020. T.The French brand sold almost 50,000 units of the EV worldwide in 2019. It looks like Renault will break its previous sales record for the city car that has been growing since its launch in 2013 in the next five months of the year.

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Photo credit: Bloomberg