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Even if the iPhone 12 4G is real, you probably shouldn’t buy it – here’s why

The possibility of the iPhone 12 being the first 5G iPhone seemed unlikely at first, but increasing rumors suggest that all phones released by Apple by the end of the year may have 5G connectivity.

However, it recently became known that in addition to the four 5G iPhone 12 models, there may also be two models (allegedly variants of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max), for which 4G versions with lower prices may also be released.

Although this message seems somewhat dubious, the Leaker has never leaked anything, but many people loved the prospect of a 4G iPhone 12 that is said to be much cheaper than the current one iPhone 11.

Even if this 4G iPhone 1

2 is released, you shouldn’t be launching it anytime soon, and there are reasons why you should consider spending a bit more to get the 5G equivalent instead. Let us examine why.

iPhone 12 future-proof

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Tech writers often use the word “future proof” to describe a technology or product that uses this technology that will remain relevant and useful for years to come.

For example, USB-C is future-proof, as it is likely to remain a technical standard in the coming years. The older microUSB technology is not future-proof because it only supports a few devices or chargers.

When you buy a new device, you don’t want it to work right away, you want it to work years later. To date, the average lifespan of a smartphone is two and a half years, and some people keep their cell phones for five or more years.

There is no point in buying a product that is quickly no longer useful in the middle of its life cycle. A 4G version of the iPhone 12 would not be future-proof like every 4G phone in 2020, as 5G is likely to become an important technology in a few years. That may sound like a controversial statement, so let’s go deeper.

5G won’t be useless forever

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At the moment, 5G is not a big deal as few people have 5G phones and not many countries have sufficiently extensive 5G networks to reliably connect to 5G. In fact, the TechRadar phone team often has to do everything possible to find 5G signals to test 5G smartphones.

However, 5G won’t always be that hard to find. If coverage is better and more people have 5G-enabled phones, there are more ways to use the fast and reliable internet connection than is currently possible.

Consider the following: When 4G was launched for the first time, many people said it would not be very useful. Fast forward almost ten years: The apps we use today make optimal use of this type of connection. everything from games to posting photos to ordering food.

5G is likely to go through the same growth spurt, and it won’t be too long before apps that need 5G connectivity are developed and released. So if you buy a new 4G iPhone and expect to keep it for a while, you may be disappointed a few years later if you miss all the hot apps.

Instead, we may recommend some potential buyers to throw a little more on the 5G iPhone – it is rumored to be only $ 100 more expensive. If you want, you can also buy a cheaper Android 5G phone that is likely to last a long time.

A third option is to buy an older iPhone, as you won’t feel the pressure to get a grip on it for longer due to the low price. We will list some prices for the ones below so you can check them.

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