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Everything you need to automate your pet's life (save love)

Graphics: Eric Ravenscraft

They love their pets. You do not have to love all the necessary cleanup and maintenance. It's okay! Fortunately, these tools and gadgets can help automate the boring stuff, so you can spend more time playing, caressing and petting your fur kids.

A Water Fountain

Graphic: Eric Ravenscraft

Leave a bowl of water on the floor and it is likely that there is a lot of dirt and grime in it. If your pets do not knock it over first But a good well not only keeps more water, it keeps the water moving so it stays clean longer. In addition, pets prefer to drink moving water, so there is a good chance that they will be hydrated.

This well by Drinkwell includes a massive 168 oz. Reservoir and a creek that flows into a small bowl so that cats and dogs can drink both at will. You need to clean it occasionally, but the reservoir is big enough to avoid refills.

A pet food

Graphics: Eric Ravenscraft

Lassen Give some pets a large container of food and they will adapt accordingly. Others will literally eat until they kill themselves. If your pet is in the latter category, an automatic pet feeder can help. Simple, gravity-fed feeders like Petmate's ensure that the bowl is always full, which should limit the dreaded screams when your cat can see a tiny sliver of bowl bottom. For pets that follow a diet, you can use the automatic feed of WOpet up to four times a day to plan for small or large amounts of food, so you can even leave a cat alone for a weekend if necessary.

A GPS collar [19659023] Artwork: Eric Ravenscraft

Indicate whether you have a pet outdoors or a pet that emits the door every time you open it, you may want to keep track of where your furry animals have gone. The Whistle 3 GPS Tracker uses cell towers to communicate with your phone. So you can find out where your dog went, even if it's far from home. Like most GPS trackers, this one is a bit bulky for most cats or small dogs, so you might want to keep only the smallest ones inside.

An automatic litter box

Graphics: Eric Ravenscraft

Self-cleaning litter box can be a bit complicated, so we have some options here. The throwing robot costs $ 450, but is probably the best option on the market. Its huge, rotatable dome filters lumps out, throws them into a container under the main unit and turns back to put the unused garbage back in the basin. Not all cats climb comfortably in a huge futuristic cement mixer to use the bathroom, but if it's suitable for your cats, you only need to empty the drawer occasionally.

If this price is too high scares you, this model of LitterMaid costs a comparatively reasonable $ 105. It uses a moving rake to fill lumps into a separate container. According to experience, these rakes can accumulate and need to be cleaned – which is just as annoying as scooping – but it can be worthwhile for households with many cats.

Finally, there is the throwing genius, who is technically not a whelping box but simplify tidying up process. It comes with a stand-alone bag dispenser that you can easily cut and attach when it's full. The container can take up to two weeks to litter for a single cat. You still have to scoop every day, but at least you do not have to empty the container so often.


Graphics: Eric Ravenscraft

The game With your pets is not really a chore, but time and again you want to play are busy or out of the house. Fortunately, there are gadgets that help them. At $ 150, Mousr is a fairly expensive cat toy that simulates hunting. To my surprise, my cats played for hours with this little guy. It's hard to find the cat toy that is more interesting than the package it came in, but it did. Your mileage may vary depending on the personality of your cat.

Dogs play a bit different. The proven Kong Wobbler will keep your dog busy until he reaches the treats inside. However, if you want a little more, the iFetch Balls will start so your puppy can hunt and bring back. Like the Mousr, some dogs can participate, some not. But if you know it, it will be a great reward for this dog, who will treat you like your first born.

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