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Airbnb optimizes its landing page and introduces new features, all aimed at long-term stays, as the online rental market wants to use a growing segment of its business.

Changes are being introduced just days after Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said the company raised $ 1 billion and made plans to focus its attention and new resources on three core products: hosts, extended stays, and Airbnb Experience. Airbnb raised $ 1 billion of debt and equity from private equity firms Silver Lake and Sixth Street Partners.

Chesky admitted on Monday that while the desire to connect and travel has increased over time, the way it manifests will evolve over time. The world is changing. “

Airbnb focuses on how and where people will develop. In the company's view, it is heading towards longer stays. Current Airbnb data support this view. In the last two weeks of March, the number of guests booking long-term stays in the same cities has almost doubled. Meanwhile, 80% of Airbnb hosts accept longer stays, and about half of the company's active offerings now offer discounts for stays of one month or longer.

On Thursday Airbnb will change its main landing page to highlight longer term stays. The company introduced new notification hosts to inform them about the benefits of longer stays and a guide to update their offers to accept this type of booking. Airbnb has decided to make this a permanent feature in the portal through which hosts manage their entries.

  Airbnb's new landing page

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When the new landing page starts on Thursday, Airbnb will have more than 1 million entries that offer monthly stays, according to the company. These houses are equipped with the amenities necessary for a longer stay, such as: B. Kitchens, laundry facilities and WiFi.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted travel, and the need for health care and other key workers to find places to stay in their own cities has contributed to this growth.

However, it seems that this trend was already going on in 2019. According to Airbnb, one out of seven nights booked in 2019 was for a longer stay. [19659002] The move to longer-term stays is likely to hit property management companies that handle traditional one-year leases. There are already indications that Airbnb's longer-term stays look more like traditional rentals.

The company states that more people, such as students, doctors, and nurses in dormitories or others on long-term assignments, are turning to Airbnb to find accommodation for six to nine months. Airbnb already announced in 2020 that it had been booking for more than 600 days. The longest booking this year was over 700 days.

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