FAA's B4UFLY Drone App is in for a much needed overhaul

A brand new B4UFLY app for drone enthusiasts is on the way, which is fabulous when you look at the app store reviews for the current offering.

The Federal Aviation Administration launched the B4UFLY app in 2016 in an offer to help drone pilots fly safely and responsibly, for example, to fly over airports and crowds.

But pretty much the first time it came on the market, the app was abused by numerous users and leaves a meager score of 1.5 / 5 rating in the iOS App Store and 1.7 / 5 in the Android Store. Criticisms of the app include confusing information, slow speeds, and disruptive operations.

After concluding that B4UFLY in its current form is of no use to anyone, the FAA has transferred this to the drone fleet management software company Kittyhawk.

The San Francisco-based startup promises a simple, easy-to-understand mobile app that shows drone operators quickly and accurately where to fly.

"Our main focus at Kittyhawk is on security," said company founder Joshua Ziering in a blog post announcing the news. "We know that the future of successful integration of drones into national airspace depends on a strong security foundation. This means providing pilots with the information they need in a precise, reliable and accurate format. "

Kittyhawk was founded in 201[ads1]5 and helps companies incorporate drone missions into their daily work. So far, its drone platform has helped propel more than 500,000 safe and compliant commercial drone flights in the US and delivered tens of millions of airspace information requests to support both commercial and hobbyist operators alike.

The updated B4UFLY app is expected to start in the first half of this year, and this time the download should be worthwhile.

When responsible FAA Administrator Dan Elwell commented on the decision to revise the app, he said, "As drone sales increase and our country's airspace grows in importance, and more complex is it that we work smarter and with the private sector work together to develop innovative products that drive safety.

Other initiatives to organize drones in the sky include a NASA-developed traffic management system, which is expected to undergo advanced testing in the coming months.

The current B4UFLY app will be available in the app stores until the revised version arrives. We will let you know when it has landed.

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