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Facebook bans converting Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets into 300 pound bricks

Oculus Quest 2

‘Powered by Facebook’ sounds les and is less of a selling point (Image: Oculus)

Some Oculus Quest 2 owners have been banned from their own headsets, and even customer support has reportedly been unable to help.

While the Oculus Quest 2 is by far the most affordable VR headset on the market, the owner must have a Facebook account to use it.

This has resulted in many users setting up a new Facebook account. However, at a rather disastrous stage, it appears that the same users are locked out of the full use of their new headset.

For example, a Reddit user explains how they tried to create a new Facebook account after deleting their old one five years ago, only to be immediately banned.

According to UploadVR, this also happens to those who try to reactivate old accounts without an opportunity to appeal.

A Facebook spokesperson suggested in a statement emailed to UploadVR that anyone who is having issues should contact Oculus customer support.

However, it was also reported that customer support couldn̵

7;t help. Another Reddit user claims when he reached out to the support line, he said that this was simply out of his control and the user would have to record it with Facebook and even share the log of the conversation to prove it.

In this case, although they had an existing Facebook account, the account was randomly blocked. The Oculus owner mentions that he barely used it, so it is possible that Facebook assumed it was inactive.

Oculus Quest 2 home environment

The Oculus Quest 2 is otherwise a legitimately great device (Image: Oculus VR)

Some owners, like the one from the first Reddit post, have said they eventually managed to get their accounts back, but others weren’t as lucky.

On the third day, Facebook finally got a response waiting for them to unlock my account. They won’t unlock it because they say the ID I sent them didn’t match my account information … my damn driver’s license. I suppose I’ll take this piece back, writes a third.

These are just a handful of complaints shared online, and while the sudden account lockouts are bad enough, the lack of communication between users, Facebook, and Oculus clearly frustrates people asking for refunds.

While Facebook claims that only a small number of users are suffering from the problem, this is exactly what we predicted when we checked the headset, especially given the fact that Facebook bans are often imposed incorrectly or for no apparent reason.

Many others predicted the same thing, and yet it appeared that Facebook was caught unawares, damaging its reputation for otherwise great hardware.

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