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Facebook dark mode is introduced on some iOS devices

Facebook’s Dark Mode was launched more than a month after the desktop version of the social network feature went live on iOS devices.

Facebook confirmed with SocialMediaToday that Dark Mode is now available for the iOS app of the social network, but currently only for “a small percentage of users worldwide”.

Confirmation comes after reports from some users that they have displayed a dark mode option below the Settings & privacy Facebook app menu. One of the users who shared what the Facebook app looks like when the feature is enabled is @NotFridayCraig.

The dark mode is added to the iOS app of the social network after the introduction of the function in WhatsApp and Messenger in March, followed by the redesign of the desktop on Facebook in May. The redesign not only added dark mode, but also improved navigation, loading speed of the homepage, and creation of events, pages, groups and ads.

It’s unclear how long iOS device owners will have to wait to access Dark Mode through their Facebook apps. Digital Trends turned to Facebook at launch, and we’ll update this article as soon as we hear.

Facebook is reversing the course

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced in a major reversal that the social network will prohibit hate speech in paid ads on the platform and flag content that remains even if they violate moderation guidelines if they are considered current.

The move follows Facebook’s biggest advertising boycott as it covered President Donald Trump’s contribution to the protests in Minneapolis triggered by the murder of George Floyd.

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