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Facebook events can now be shared in new story tests

Facebook events come to stories. On Monday, January 14, Facebook launched a test for a new share button that allows users to share an event in stories. Facebook says the feature allows users to share to find friends who are interested in the event. The feature is currently being tested in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

On an event page, the Share button now includes the "Share To Your Story" option for users participating in the test. The released events include a sticker that friends can tap to find the details of the event. Friends can also respond to the story via Interested or Going or click on the official page of the event.

After sharing, users can see the friends who have responded. Facebook suggests that users can start a group message to create plans for participation in the event. For this purpose, a shortcut circle is used from the names of those who have answered.

Andrew Valko. "We're testing new story features to help people build friends and make friends even before an event starts."

Some Facebook users occasionally share posts in the newsfeed, asking friends for a concert or event. The potential feature could serve as an abbreviation for identifying interest in attending an event as a group, with a short cut to engage with interested friends.

"I went to a food popup in New York and posted it on my Facebook stories. A friend I was not too close to catch and wanted to come with me. We had a great time and were good friends afterwards. I do not think we would have indulged if I had not posted in stories, "said Oliver Luke, user and marketing expert at Facebook.

Before the test was started, the share button on the events page allowed users to Facebook has been focusing on updating the Stories format since its inception, and recent updates to Facebook Stories include music stickers, archival, and group stories in a slideshow-like format that is now available in several formats social networking, after being created by Snapchat.

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