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Facebook is expanding its anti-discrimination efforts – TechCrunch

As part of a settlement with the ACLU and other civil rights groups earlier this year, Facebook has taken action to prevent discriminatory ad targeting.

Specifically, the company says that ads in the US include housing, employment or credit can no longer be geared to age, gender, zip code or multicultural affinity. The ads also can not use more detailed targeting related to these categories.

Today, Facebook announces what Graham Mudd, vice president of advertising product marketing, has described as the next "milestone in our efforts to reduce and eliminate discrimination." [19659002] First, the enforcement of these rules is extended beyond the Facebook Ad Manager to include all the other places where someone buys ads on Facebook: the Ad Manager app, Instagram promotion, the Facebook page creation tools, and the Facebook marketing API (linking with tools for buying third-party advertising).

Second, the searchable advertising library, created in response to concerns over political misinformation, is being expanded to include housing ads for a US public.

If a regulator, a civil rights group, a journalist, or anyone else wants to check how companies actually use Facebook to promote housing, they can search the archive. This part of the library will start archiving ads from tomorrow (4 December), and Facebook claims to eventually take on job and credit ads as well.

Mudd said Facebook has also helped advertisers understand the workings of the new rules. While describing this as "the right compromise" to combat discrimination, he also suggested that "there are and have always been very reasonable and legal non-discriminatory advertising practices" that use age- and gender-specific targeting.

Advertisers would have to "relearn how to use the platform given these limitations."

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