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Facebook is testing an incredibly white interface for its Android app

One of the more recognizable features of Facebook is the use of blue, which prominently expresses the color in the logo and on the website. This also applies to the mobile app, but according to a report by XDA Developers Facebook seems to create a cleaner look.

According to the report, Facebook is testing a brand new UI in its Android app where the company has apparently removed the blues from the design of the app in favor of White. This creates a very stark and almost dazzling look for the app, though we can not say it looks very good. However, it is possible that this is just a test, meaning that Facebook may not have any concrete plans for publication.

At the same time, however, it's also a bit contradictory, as the messenger from Facebook has been won recently. The ability to turn on Dark mode is a bit strange for Facebook, if you look for the mobile app in a completely opposite way Direction decides. However, it is unclear how many users will see this new color scheme, as it seems to have been activated on the server side, which means that users have nothing to do to make this possible.

Google confirmed this before Dark mode actually plays a big role in reducing battery drain on our phones. So if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, this potentially new color scheme can not do your battery a favor.

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