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Facebook login issues are locking Oculus Quest 2 owners from their devices

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Owner of the brand new Oculus Quest 2 – the first VR headset Which requires a Facebook account to use – are screwed out of their new acquisitions by Facebook’s account verification system.

How first reported From UploadVR this week, some Oculus 2 owners note that Facebook is allegedly AI powered The account verification system will ask some users to upload a photo before they can sign in. Others who previously blocked their Facebook accounts will be blocked immediately upon reactivation and will report that they were unable to create a new account afterwards or that they were blocked while trying to merge their old Oculus usernames with their Facebook accounts. Facebook’s bug prompt didn’t give users a chance to appeal directly, and essentially turned the $ 300 units into expensive bricks.

On the Oculus subredditOne user reported that he uploaded a photo ID on Facebook and received a response that said “We have already reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed”.

The Oculus support team tweeted that “a small number” of customers had problems and that all affected buyers should open a support ticket. (As UploadVR noted, some Reddit users complained that Oculus handled the situation slow or ineffective.)

A Facebook spokesperson said the edge that users affected by the problem will not permanently lose access to their previous purchases: “Someone may have temporary problems accessing content if they have trouble logging into their Facebook account on Quest 2, but they can access this content as soon as it is available. “

The Oculus Quest 2 was a mostly well received upgrade from the original quest, which was one in itself impressive progress in VR Tech. However, dissatisfaction with Facebook’s ownership of the company lingered.

Oculus owners were anything but enthusiastic When Facebook bought the company for $ 2-3 billion in 2014, it betrayed the original vision of Oculus as an affordable high-end headset for gamers. The decision to force owners to sign up future Oculus headsets On Facebook last year, there was something similar to outrage, not only because users felt compelled to link the accounts, but also because Facebook announced it was collecting user data for target ads (both inside the headset to new apps and recommending events, as well as presumably feeding their sprawling advertising ecosystem). The only real assurance Facebook gave was that it wouldn’t Start taking photos of the interior of the user houses.

Indie developers have also warned that Facebook, which is currently facing federal and state antitrust investigations, has done so immense power Dictating terms to production companies, stealing ideas from popular apps, earning 30% commissions from in-app purchases, and preventing users from breaking out of Facebook’s walled garden. Congressional investigators investigating reports of anti-competitive behavior by the company have flagged the mandatory Facebook account requirements as a possible violation and stated in a current report that “conditioning access to a product or service where a company has market power to use a separate product or service is anti-competitive”.

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