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Facebook Portal Smart Displays are available at their lowest ever price on Amazon

The Facebook portal's smart displays have received a huge discount on Amazon for the retail giant's fleet in December, bringing the range of equipment to the lowest price we've seen so far. Not in the UK? At the end of this article you will find some worldwide prices for smart displays.

Portal's 10-inch Smart Display now costs just £ 119, compared to the £ 169 RRP. The smaller 8-inch model achieves the largest savings at only 59 GBP (129 GBP), while the portal TV video camera costs 99 GBP at a discount of 149 GBP.

If you already own a smart display or tablet PC or make video calls over the phone, Facebook devices may not work well. However, you can use photos from your Facebook or Instagram account, as well as motion tracking cameras that guide you through the room while talking on the phone. Maybe that seduces you.

In our portal TV test, we found that motion tracking is not as fluid as it could be, while the resolution of the camera is not necessarily improved by many smartphones , Even if you have concerns about your privacy, Facebook does not have the greatest trust in consumer information. We have, however, kept to some agreements about the competition of smart display models among the portal products listed here.

The Best Facebook Portal Deals on Amazon

Facebook Portal 10-Inch: £ 169 £ 119 on Amazon
This Facebook-made smart display has a responsive picture frame design and can handle both video calls Messenger and WhatsApp.View Deal

Facebook Mini 8-Inch Port: £ 129 £ 59 at Amazon
This smaller 8-inch model saves material and saves you the retail price as result.View Deal

Facebook Portal TV: £ 149 £ 99 at Amazon
Get a third of this plug-in TV webcam that essentially turns your home TV into a massive video call monitor. / smart display.View Deal

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