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Facebook’s social zoom competitor Messenger Rooms goes live worldwide – TechCrunch

Zoom was never meant to be a social network, but the business video chat app has become an essential piece of software for those who want to keep in touch with friends and family during the pandemic.

Facebook today is trying to slow the growth of the social video chat service as Messenger Rooms, its new group video chat service, launches worldwide and supports video calls with up to 50 participants with no time limit on call duration. The function takes advantage of the massive increase in the use of video chats across services and ties in with the growth tactics with which Facebook is pushing Facebook and Instagram Live in all feeds.

delivery boy Rooms are drop-in video chat. So when a friend using this feature creates a room, Facebook notifies users of a new section in the newsfeed or sends a notification to certain friends. As Facebook explained in detail when the function was announced, users will soon be able to make and initiate calls within Instagram DMs, WhatsApp and on portal make this a company-wide social effort for the company.

Currently, users can start a call using Messenger or the Facebook app and send invitations to users, including those without a Facebook account.

During the last call for profits, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg The time for group video chats has increased by 1

,000% in the past few weeks. Given the social fundamentals of the feature and the lack of screen sharing, the app is unlikely to have a significant impact on corporate use cases and affect Zoom’s core business. With Messenger Rooms, Facebook wants to create a scalable, free alternative and take back part of the conversation on platforms like Zoom and TikTok, which have been terribly busy in recent months.

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