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Facebook's video chat device starts today

Facebook, Portal and Portal Plus home video chat devices are offered for sale one month after their original announcement.

The products focus almost entirely on video chat. While they also display photos, play music and support a small number of video networks, their startup features are very limited – they can not even search Facebook.

They are primarily intended for chatting with people via Facebook Messenger, and Facebook has incorporated some intelligent camera feeds to facilitate this. Both devices have a single, fixed camera on the top, but the camera zooms in and follows you around, so you do not have to hold a phone in front of your face while you're on the phone. That way, you can move around a room and stay busy with a call.

But the story of this product is not what it can and can not do ̵

1; it's the question of whether people will and can not do it Be prepared, a Facebook-connected microphone and a camera at all to their homes bring to. Facebook has emphasized its built-in privacy features (there's an off switch that completely disables the camera), but that may not be enough to comfort the already skeptical companies that have been burdened with recent privacy scandals.

Both Portal and Portal Plus are shipped today. They are available on the Facebook website as well as on Best Buy and Amazon, where the devices are also commercially available. The smaller portal costs $ 199, the larger portal plus $ 349. At startup, you can get a $ 100 discount if you buy two at the same time – which makes sense, as you're likely to chat with another portal user.

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