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Fall Guys Cheaters were sent to Cheater Island

In the footsteps of games like Apex Legends, Fall guys Developer Mediatonic decided that if people cheated on their game, they could all go somewhere and cheat together.

In a Twitter thread posted today (which starts below), they said that after some initial testing in the early days of the game, the decision was made to send anyone reliably caught cheating on to Cheater Island, to servers and games that are only populated by other cheats.

This is always the best, most fun way to deal with cheats, but sadly, it hasn’t been that way forever. In the same thread, it was revealed that Mediatonic turned it off not long after some players started learning about the trick and posting videos of Cheater Island (they could never be 100% sure).

Instead of being sent to daycare from hell, fraudulent gamblers can simply no longer sign up. A fairer punishment, perhaps, but not so fun.

Again, this is only a temporary gap because things are moving forward Fall guys will use Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat technology.

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