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“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” is an open air breath of fresh air

Like in elementary school Tag or Neighborhood Capture-the-Flag, the new multiplayer knock-out game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a lip-biting mix of fun and chaos. Everyone gets a participation trophy, but the real winners who suck on popsicles feel like low stakes gods.

Available today on Steam and PlayStation 4. Autumn guys eliminates players from a pool of 60 through a series of mini-games. Player avatars, kawaii little beans, run to the end of Ninja warrior-esque obstacle course, compete to put eggs in your team’s basket, balance yourself on terrible seesaws or run away in more than 20 competitions that are free for everyone. Losers are making no headway. A fool Boo-ya Soundtrack pounding in the background. Round after round, players earn a currency called Fame, which they use to buy cosmetics such as pineapple suits or a swirling toothpaste pattern. Winning gives them crowns that can be exchanged for more desirable outfits.

Seen in a way Autumn guys is a real competitive game. It̵

7;s easy to forget to breathe in a particular mini-game. A bad jump and a beam on your stomach lets you fly off the map. If you slide down an inclined seesaw, you can hiss through your teeth as you watch others cross the finish line. Space awareness, reflexes, tactics – all of this comes into play if you want. With its sugary aesthetics, you feel like a tiny one when you lose. However, if you survive three or four laps, you’ll feel like a total athlete, even as a beanie in a pirate costume. If you’re less stubborn, just play it with the ethos of 10-year-olds who play eight players Super Smash Bros. with all objects.

After four years of ceaseless struggle, Royale Shooter released – by PlayerUnknown’s battlefields and Fourteen days to Ubisoft’s latest Hyper scape– Fatigue occurs in players who love survival mechanics. In a crowded and self-serious genre that regularly features items like “Extended Quick-Draw Mag” and “Field Upgrades”, an extremely tangential, silly kind of survival slash battle royale game is welcome – especially if winning is proven Skills required. And instead of great statistics, the winners show their victories with perfect, stupid bean costumes.

Autumn guys partly exploded on Twitch for this reason. Today it was the most watched game on the platform with over 427,000 simultaneous viewers at one point. Streamers, who cut their teeth at hardcore shooters like Saqib “Lirik” Zahid, buy themselves in and react wildly when they fall into misty seas. On the side of Felix “xQc” Lengyels Stream he listed his winning number (18) and his series (1) this afternoon. (Another reason for its popularity was the developer’s strategy of distributing game keys for the time-limited beta. Kotaku Reports.)

“We are tested for integrity, speed and flexibility! We’ll test your mental thoughts, ”said Zahid, broadcasting the game today with an announcer’s voice. “Let’s go while the sandwich makes its way against the worn astronaut into the double rectangle and goes into the donuts from Pain. ”

The most rewarded quality in survival games is Grit. Try again and keep your head balanced by a flood of environmental obstacles and the chaos of your opponents. Grit is often easier to achieve than skill and is consistently rewarded equally Autumn guys‘Stupidly funny challenges that get easier after multiple mistakes, but become more difficult when other players step up in step. It is a more egalitarian target than “headshot enemies” and less serious. Although Autumn guys Started today with serious server issues, causing developers to disable account creation on PlayStation 4 and matchmaking on PC. The wide range of the best and most frustrating Battle Royale features could keep them relevant.

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