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Fans are trying to find out if PS5 has a quick recovery

PS5 Quick Resume 1

Quick Resume has been billed as one of the defining features of the Xbox Series X offering, so you can switch between different games at your convenience. As far as we know, this functionality works like an evolved version of PSPgo’s old suspend mode that effectively allowed you to create a custom save state in the game you were playing. It differs from Microsoft’s next generation console in that you can pause multiple titles and switch between them at will.

During the PS5 UI demonstration, Sony didn’t announce Quick Resume for its console. The focus was on activity cards, picture-in-picture and other functions of the system experience. However, some fans have tried to find out if the system supports an alternative to Quick Resume regardless.

One thing that users have noticed is the switcher in the console̵

7;s control center. When playing Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the icon of the quirky platformer is displayed in the lower left corner of this menu level between the home button and the notification icon:

PS5 Quick Resume 2

When the user jumps to Destruction AllStars in the demonstration, the icon changes to the logo for the starting title developed by Lucid Games. One important thing to note here is that the PS5 never notifies the player that the Sackboy: A Big Adventure application is about to close, which suggests it is saved in the background. You’ll remember that if you’ve ever tried to start something else, specifically on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be notified of an app closing:

PS5 Quick Resume 3

But before Sackboy: A Big Adventure is even fully loaded, the Control Center actually shows a different icon where the switcher is located. They are basically three-layer squares, which are believed to represent different uses. It’s not an endorsement, but it alludes to some Quick Resume-like functionality:

PS5 quick reference 4

Another thing noteworthy is that towards the end of the demonstration, when the console goes into sleep mode, the text mentions that you can “suspend” your games – plural:

PS5 Quick Resume 5

Of course, we still have to wait for confirmation and further explanation from the platform owner, but it looks like you can switch between multiple titles at once if that’s what you want. Is this a feature you are hoping for on the PS5? Switch the tabs in the comment area below.

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