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Fast and furious Florida dog goes for a ride in the car


The Port St. Lucie Police have stopped Max & # 39; s driving pleasure.

Video screenshot of Amanda Kooser / CNET

You may have heard of Toonces the Driving Cat. Meet Max the driving dog now.

The Port St. Lucie Police Department in Florida shared a video on Max's driving skills with Facebook on Friday.

The backstory of Thursday's incident is a bit strange. The driver made a wrong turn into a dead end, stopped, got out and inadvertently closed the door where Max was sitting. Max pushed the switch and sent the car into reverse. It circled the dead end for about an hour until the police arrived.

"The owner provided the police with an additional car trailer that was not functional due to an empty battery." The police gained access by approaching the car and entering the code "The car was a 2003 Mercury Sable who is not exactly a hot rod. "It hit a mailbox during its donuts." No injuries were reported and the car suffered minor damage. Max was fine, he was healthy and happy! "Said the police.

The WPBF station in Florida talked to a resident of the impasse who described Max as" a big black lab or something. "

Twitter Hello, #PizzaRat ) and Florida dog has earned the love. "It's a common mistake, he forgot to bark the car," author Chuck Wendig wrote

The phrase "Florida Man" has become an Internet In-Joke and Mem and refers to bizarre messages with Florida male residents.Twitter was just too happy to put the man aside and Instead, cheer on Florida Dog.

"Now it's said: Florida Dog is the new Florida Man", wrote the Twitter user Tom Dennis .

Twitter user JP Drake Enterprises seems to have figured out why Max backtracked : "Most dogs only use their legs to hunt their tails Limousine. "

There's no word on Max's catching his cock or not.

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