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Faults in Tesla compressors in Europe allow competing brands to charge fees for free

Tesla has a problem with its new V3 compressors in Europe that use the common CCS standard. Owners of non-Tesla electric cars can charge for free with these charging systems. Tesla switched to the CCS standard in Europe with the introduction of the Model 3 and the Supercharger V3 in Europe.

With the switch to the CCS standard, most electric cars now use the same standard and connection. However, since Tesla wants the charging system to be only for its vehicles, that shouldn’t mean that other electric vehicles can use the Tesla charging network. The charging system should perform a software handshake between the vehicle and the compressor before charging.

With this handshake, Tesla can bill the vehicle owner for the electricity costs. Several reports have come in from Europe that have found that almost any other electric vehicle with CCS can use the new Supercharger network. A European car rental company called Nextmove brought several electric vehicles to the new charging stations to see which could be topped up on Tesla̵

7;s cents.

Eight different electric vehicles could use the supercharger network, including the Porsche Taycan and the BMW i3. It is not believed that Tesla has decided to allow other EVs to be discharged through its network as there is currently no way to link the electricity used when charging EVs to an account. This is a bug and not a new feature.

Some hope this is a new feature, as Tesla has indicated in the past that it has been open to sharing the Supercharged network with other automakers. The crux of the matter was sharing the cost of charging with these other automakers.

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