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Faze Rug on how starring in a horror movie made him a better YouTuber

Brian Awadis, better known as Faze Rug, loves to be scared. He watches horror films, visits haunted attractions on Halloween and often films himself being frightened on his YouTube channel. “I’m scared very easily, but I think that’s more fun to see,” he says. “I want Getting scared. I love the thrill. “When he got the chance to act in a horror movie about a year ago – his first role as an actor – he took the chance. “It’s a breeze,” says Rug.

For the uninitiated, the Faze Clan is a new breed of entertainment company that is part esports organization, part influencer supergroup, and part brand name. Its members include some of the world̵

7;s biggest YouTube and Twitch stars, including rug, as well as more traditional celebrities like rapper Offset and NBA star Ben Simmons. More recently, however, the company has started to spread into mainstream pop culture and the new film is just the beginning of a planned film universe based on Faze talent.

The film is called purpleand it is a clown-themed horror film directed by Gregory Plotkin, who previously served as editor for Go out and director on one Paranormal activity Episode. It is slated to debut on October 29th just before Halloween. (It will be available exclusively on a new platform called Inviz.) For a taste of it, check out the first trailer below:

Rug is no stranger to being in front of the camera – he has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube – but he says he had no previous acting experience before he started working purple. “Nah. Nothing,” he tells me. Because of this, he was nervous before filming, especially with the idea of ​​memorizing a 150-page script. But it turned out he didn’t have to play a character at all; he should being himself mostly, and there was plenty of room for improvisation with dialogue, in fact his nervousness mostly subsided after the first day on set.

“Since it was my first time making a film, they spared us on the first day,” he says. “The only thing I remember, the very first scene we did, me and my cousin were in the scene and we were so nervous. And then it was only two takes to get a good take. They said it usually takes six or seven. That helped me later in the film. “He adds:” I am very proud of my achievement. I was more of myself and I think I do that best of course. “

The shoot was made a little complicated by COVID security protocols; Rug says he and the rest of the crew were tested daily and the set had specific areas where masks and distancing were required. One of the biggest challenges – especially for a new actor – was making sure the fear felt authentic. But the solution was actually pretty simple.

“The fun part about it was that Greg, the director, scared me a lot without my knowledge to get these scary reactions,” says Rug. “I’m going to be walking down the hall in a creepy scene and he would sneak up behind me and knock on the wall next to me so I could get that creepy reaction. I was actually pretty scared, I won’t lie. By the time the scene is over and everyone comes out and prepares for the next scene, it’s pretty scary. “

He also ran into another problem that was very specific to a social media star: silence. “I wanted to post so much about the movie and I was going to get into some kind of trouble,” he says. “I posted [an Instagram story] once and they all rushed to me like ‘take this down! You spoil it! ‘”

It was also a much more busy schedule than he was used to. Rug says he usually shoots YouTube videos every other day, and these recordings last about five or six hours. Work on it purpleIt was now three weeks with 12 hour days. And to make things even more intense, he didn’t stop making YouTube videos while he was working on the film. Instead, whenever he had a day off, he would film something for his channel, including behind-the-scenes features purple. “I didn’t have a day off,” explains Rug. “Since it was only three weeks, I just said to myself, ‘Okay, you will be super stressed for these three weeks. ‘I know it’s very unhealthy, but now I can definitely relax and not have to worry about a 12 hour day. “

However, working on the film also proved motivating. According to Rug, the opportunity to see a crew of professionals work behind the scenes inspired him to make his YouTube channel more professional – which meant spending a lot of money on new gear. “After a few days on set, I went to the photo shop and spent about $ 7,000 on equipment thinking they did! or ‘You did that!’ I was really excited about the way they made the film and I wanted to apply it to my YouTube channel, ”he says.

purple is coming out very soon to hit that all-important Halloween window, so you’ll be surprised to learn that its star doesn’t have to play the story from start to finish just yet. Part of it has to do with the way it was shot – scenes weren’t shot in the correct order – but it’s also due to a fast pace of development, which means the film is currently still in post-production. “I haven’t even seen it,” says Rug. “It’s kind of crazy how it’s not done and it will be ready in two weeks, but I have full confidence in everyone who is working on it.”

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