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Festival of Lost Return to Destiny 2 next week

Festival of the Lost is Fate 2 special creepy seasonal event and it’ll be back next week. With the festival comes a list of limited-time loot, challenges, and a festive redesign of the game’s social space, the tower. These years Festival of the Lost starts on Tuesday October 6th.

These years Festival of the Lost is very similar to last year in terms of time-limited gameplay additions. The main feature of the festival is the Haunted Forest, a special instance of the Infinite Forest location on Mercury. The infinite forest is a brightly lit, somewhat boring environment with procedurally generated geometry. The Haunted Forest is similar, except with creepier lighting, tougher enemies, and candy, and other rewards hidden all over the place. Players have fifteen minutes to run through the forest and collect as much loot as possible while trying to survive the enemies hidden in the dark.

The weapons available for the festival are the same two automatic rifles as the previous festivals, the Horror Story and the Braytech Werewolf, but with different random benefits. It̵

7;s still unclear what the performance limit for these is in addition to the new benefits. Since Fate 2 The performance limit of 1060 is to be increased on November 10th with the coming Beyond the light Expansion, these weapons would be essentially useless to the new content without a buff. In addition to the weapons, players can purchase special armor mods at the festival that are only active in the haunted forest.

In a way, the more meaningful prey offers are in the Festival of the Lost are the cosmetics, not the gameplay-related spoils. This year’s festival again provides a list of consumable masks of various NPCs and creepy artifacts. Permanent cosmetics are also available during the festival. Each class can earn a universal ornament, Fate 2 Version of a stat-agnostic skin: hunters receive a werewolf ornament, warlocks can become vampires and titans can transform their armor into Frankenstein’s monsters. Last year’s festivals included cosmetics with witch motifs like brooms for riding and pointed hats for your spirit. This year’s theme is mummies with a jump ship, a sparrow, and a ghost skin wrapped in bandages to commemorate ancient Egyptian burial practice and the curse associated with it.

Get ready to fight some aliens for candy fate Fans. Are you going to run through the haunted forest and grab everything you can carry? Let me know in the comments!

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