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Final Fantasy XVI trailer heralds the end of a saga

The Final Fantasy series is one of the few JRPGs that has become a global hit in decades, but the past few years have not been exactly kind to it. The newest major title in the franchise was released in 2016 after many delays, although that pales in comparison to the delays only seen in the first episode of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Now Square Enix is ​​once again going against the odds with the first teaser of a new Final Fantasy main game that could mark the end of a series within a series.

The trailer, which has received mixed reactions even from fans of the franchise, shows both in-game fights and film sequences. You will see the usual elements that make up a Final Fantasy game, from “guards”

; to political intrigue.

The video also talks about how the legacy of crystals has shaped history for far too long. If no actual crystal is in sight, it could be Fabula Nova Crytallis, a series of unrelated Final Fantasy games that started with Final Fantasy XIII in 2009 through Final Fantasy XV in 2016. Although not directly related in the narrative (except The Three Parts That Revolved around the character Lightning, and the seven games in this series) shared themes around the role mystical crystals played in shaping creation and history.

The trailer touches on the gameplay a bit in terms of battles and suggests adopting the new real-time mechanics that FF XV introduced. Oddly enough, it only featured a single character handing it out against monsters, but that hardly means you will only have a group of one.

That’s because this is only the first in a series of teasers, but don’t get your hopes up to see something new anytime soon. The next teaser drop won’t come until 2021, which begs the question of when Final Fantasy XVI will even be released on PlayStation 5.

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