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Finally, Microsoft may build an Xbox without next-generation disks

Unpacking what it means requires a short history lesson. Back in 2018, when rumors of Project Scarlett surfaced, publications such as Thurrott suggested that Microsoft wanted to release two devices: "Anaconda," a traditional console with high-end specifications; and "Lockhart," a cheaper cloud-based device with minimal local computing resources. At least at that time Lockhart had just enough computing power to handle "specific tasks such as controller input, image processing, and most importantly, collision detection." This allows you to use the console to stream a game without the usual drawbacks associated with the technical delay of input. In later reports, Lockhart's focus shifted from a cloud streaming device to a more traditional console.

The important development is that Microsoft at its last E3 keynote in June, Xbox boss Phil, finally announced official details about Project Scarlett Spencer did not mention a cheaper console at all. In fact, when he was later asked by Business Insider about the possibility of several Project Scarlett consoles, he said, "Last year we called consoles, shipped a console, and now a more detailed console, I think that's Plural. "Subsequent coverage of The Verge suggested Microsoft reject plans for Lockhart, a few weeks before Project Scarlett was announced at E3.

Back to today's report: Microsoft appears to be considering at least a second version of Project Scarlett again ̵

1; but that does not mean the two units will come out at the same time in the next holiday season.

The details of Device Screamer in his report also sound like the more traditional console that was used in later Lockhart reports. According to the developers he spoke to, they regard the console as a successor to the Xbox One S (as opposed to the console we know will be following the Xbox One X at the end of next year). According to one developer, Schreier Lockhart has similar specifications as the PlayStation 4 Pro, but is said to include a solid-state drive and a faster processor than any current-generation console. According to Schreier, the console is supposed to render most games at 1440p and 60 frames per second, but actual performance may vary.

It is important that Schreier does not specify how much the console will cost and when Microsoft will do so. Let it go. Keep in mind that, as is customary in such reports, things change, if not already clarified in the mini-history lesson. Until Microsoft announces anything, there is no guarantee that there will be a cheaper version of Project Scarlett.

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