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Firefox is almost ready to start its new VPN

After Mozilla announced that it will launch its own VPN service earlier this year, Mozilla has announced that its Firefox Private Network is undergoing an enhanced beta after several months of testing as part of the Firefox Test Pilot program.

The beta version is currently available only to US users who want to try the service, and the free version is limited to browser-level protection in Firefox.

By installing Mozilla's free Lightweight browser extension, users can protect their Internet browsing while using Firefox.

The company's VPN service is free for up to 12 hours a month. Those who sign up will receive 1

2 one-hour passes to test for themselves. However, you need a Firefox account to use the extension. [19659005] Device level VPN

In addition to its free browser extension for Firefox Private Network, Mozilla is currently working on a device-level VPN service that Firefox does not require to run. Instead, the service will provide Windows 10 devices with full protection for just $ 4.99 a month for a limited time during the beta. The company also plans to extend the service to other platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

With the stand-alone version of Firefox Private Network, users can choose from servers in over 30 countries and even connect up to five devices.

Interested users can now sign up for the paid version of Firefox Private Network or, if you want to try the service right now, download and download the free browser extension today.

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