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Five Interesting Mac Apps Worth to Find Out – November 2018

Apps created for the Mac often receive less attention than apps for iOS devices. Therefore, here at MacRumors is a bimonthly series that highlights useful and interesting Mac apps worth examining and possibly investing.

Favorites this week include apps focused on Dark Mode, a new feature introduced in September with the launch of macOS Mojave, and some useful text customization apps to help protect eyes as they work and to wake up your Mac. Many of our featured apps were selected this week by MacRumor's forum members.

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  • NightOwl (Free) ̵
    1; NightOwl is an extremely simple Mac app that gives you more control over the Dark mode. This adds a darker mode to the menu bar so you can toggle the dark mode on and off without having to open the system settings. You can also set the Dark Mode to a timer or turn it on with NightOwl when the sun goes down.
  • Amphetamine (Free) – Amphetamine is a Mac app that disables your Mac and Mac display by adding a simple on-off switch or customizable triggers. If amphetamine is enabled from the menu bar, your Mac can not go into sleep mode. You can keep your Mac running indefinitely while a file is being downloaded, running a specific app, and much more.
  • Dark Mode for Safari ($ 1.99) – Dark Mode in macOS Mojave introduces a darker theme for the operating system. However, this does not apply to individual apps like Safari. Some sites implement dark mode support, but for those who do not, Dark Safari's Dark Safari extension turns it into a darker subject at night or in low-light environments for the eyes is more pleasant. This is not a perfect app and does not work with all websites, but it is constantly introducing improvements that are easy to turn on and off.
  • Textlicious ($ 1.99) – Textlicious is a simple, low-cost app that lets you put stylized text in places where only plain text is usually allowed. For example, if you're wondering how users get these custom fonts that you sometimes see on social networks like Twitter, they may well be using this app. With Textlicious, you can highlight any text you type in an app, right-click, and then choose a style from the pop-up menu. There are options like Typewriter, Strikethrough, Small, Script, Bold, Italic, Circled and more. Something to note in Textlicious and similar apps – Unicode symbols like these break the screen readers used by visually impaired people.
  • Breaks For Eyes ($ 9.99) – Mojave's Dark Mode is designed to reduce eye strain and the same goes for Breaks for Eyes. If you're looking at an iPhone, iPad or Mac, take frequent breaks to avoid dry eyes, eye pain and headaches. Breaks for Eyes reminds you to look away from the Mac screen every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, so your eyes can rest. There is a three-day trial, and the full app costs $ 9.99 for unlocking.

If you have a popular Mac app that we have not highlighted yet, please let us know in the comments in a future video. Many of this month's app favorites came directly from the recommendations of our forum members. These recommendations have helped make this series useful.

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