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Five reasons to visit TC Early Stage online – TechCrunch

TC Early Stage on July 21st and 22nd brings together more than 50 experts from startups’ core competencies to provide you with the tools you need to grow your business and protect your assets. If you’re on the fence about attending, there are only five reasons why you should get your tickets today:

1. Learn how to collect donations effectively

Top venture capitalists from Greylock, General Catalyst, Accel, Plexo Capital and others share their secrets on how to raise funds for your business. For example, if you need to optimize your pitch deck or decide whether you want to create bootstraps or identify pitfalls to avoid when pitching, or even want to learn how to acquire your business, here you can learn everything from launch to IPO .

2. Concentrate on increasing your profit

To grow, you need to build and engage your audience, but how do you stand out from the crowd? What is the secret sauce for growth? At TC Early Stage there are several marketing experts at your disposal who provide tips and tricks you need to develop the personality of your brand and to teach you how to meet new customers.

3. Work with maximum efficiency

To ensure that the machine works optimally, all parts must work together effectively. If you hire employees, develop and secure your company̵

7;s tech stack, expand your board or structure your term sheets, you can use these workshops to optimize all of the functional puzzle pieces in your company that will get it going.

4. Expand your network

You not only have to meet experts, you also have hundreds of other founders at your disposal to share best practices, meet other investors and service providers, and expand your social diagram. It’s the icing on the cake to improve your overall TC Early Stage experience. You can also boost your networking with other participants before the show even starts!

5. Space is limited

We keep these sessions as intimate as possible so that you have the opportunity to connect with speakers and get the most out of each workshop. Some sessions have already reached capacity, so act quickly and register now. All sessions are exclusively available to participants of the TC Early Stage so that they can be displayed after the event has ended. So if you miss one, you can still watch the session when you need it. Get your tickets now and secure your place at TC Early Stage online.

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