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Flickr-free 1 TB memory is no longer available

Flickr has announced a number of changes that will affect those using their free tier. The service, recently acquired by the professional photo hosting service SmugMug, has today confirmed that 1TB of free disk space is no longer available. Free Tier users are now limited to 1,000 photos. This is the first major change of this nature that has been made to Flickr after purchasing the service. It also confirmed that as of January 201

9, no Yahoo account will be required to access Flickr.

"Free" services are rarely free for users. Users pay with their dates or their time. We prefer that the agreement is transparent, "the company said in a press release. Free-tier users can now upload 1,000 photos or videos, regardless of size. You no longer get 1TB of free storage for your content.

Flickr Pro now offers ad-free browsing, advanced statistics, new 5K photo size, increased video playback time, and more. Subscribers also receive additional discounts for partners, including Adobe Creative Cloud. It costs $ 49.99 a year. Users upgrading to Pro before November 30 will receive a 30% discount on the first year.

Anyone who has uploaded more than 1,000 photos to their account will have until January 8, 2019, either to upgrade to Pro or download the photos they capture above the 1,000 limit. You will not be able to upload new photos into Flickr after January 8th, if they exceed the limit.

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