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Florida dog drove backward for an hour

Screenshot : CNN

A Labrador Retriever had a dizzying adventure on a dead end in Florida on Thursday after being bogged down in a car Port St. Lucie police reported to a local NBC partner that the puppy's owner had gotten out of the car but had run the engine. Then the furry car driver, who had tried a good time, switched the gear to reverse.

Anna Sabol, who lives in the neighborhood, did not notice the donkey-driving dog until the patrol cars appeared. I thought they should give this dog a driver's license, "Sabol told WPTV." He was a better driver than many I've seen. "

unsure how to stop the car.

"He was doing pretty well until he reached the mailbox, he drove around for about an hour without having hit anything.", Added Sabol added. The dog escaped unhurt.

Sabol told the news agency that she saw the brave boy wagging his tail after the jaunt.

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