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Flutter 1.22 offers the best of iOS 14 and Android 11

In the past few weeks, Google and Apple have each released the latest version of their respective operating systems. The latest update to Flutter, Google’s cross-platform app development framework, brings developers the best of Android 11 and iOS 14.

Flutter is an app development platform that allows you to build apps for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, the web, and most recently Windows devices – all from the same code base. Since the team was developed by Google, they work hard to support the latest features in every new version of Android, such as: B. Android 10’s dark mode almost too easy to add to your app.

With Flutter 1.22, the first stable version after this year̵

7;s Android 11 update, Flutter adds two important, if admittedly minor, functions. The first is the built-in ability to avoid important parts of your app from being inserted into a notch or hole in the camera. The second is that Flutter apps can now sync and animate properly when the Android keyboard is opened and closed.

Instead, Flutter 1.22’s more exciting new features come from the iOS 14 update. Starting with this version, Flutter developers can preview the ability to create app clips – essentially the iOS version of Android’s Instant Apps. Please see 9to5Mac for more information. Flutter also included the Cupupino-style version of the expanded icons that Apple added with iOS 14.

With this version too, the Flutter team has worked out the problems specifically for iOS 14 that have caused apps not to run perfectly, such as crashes and unnecessary notifications on the clipboard.

Regardless of what platform you’re developing for, Flutter 1.22 includes a number of other useful features. Fans of Google’s Material Design will find a new suite of simple, customizable button widgets to use in your apps. Meanwhile, two official plugins that have been in the preview for a long time and allow developers to embed Google Maps or a website in an app are considered “ready for production”.

The next big preview function that you can look forward to, and which is also available with Flutter 1.22, is “Status Restore” for Android or, more simply, the ability to automatically close a Flutter app in the background and continue without taking up your space to lose. Restoring the state still requires some effort on the part of the developer to function properly. In the long run, however, this should help make Flutter apps feel even more native on Android.

Flutter 1.22 also includes a number of other fixes and improvements under the hood, such as a new navigator, app size tool, and all of the upgrades from Dart 2.10 which you can read more about on the Flutter blog.

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