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For $ 21, Wave.Video can add a professional touch to your short videos

Video editing has become so commonplace that the great tools available to the masses are also used by Hollywood professionals cutting the biggest movies in the world. Although these apps are incredibly powerful, they also offer so many features and options that they can confuse and throw down the average smartphone user who just wants to post a funny video of his cat … or his kid … or his cat with his cat ,

Wave.Video wanted to make video editing easier. With this limited-time offer, you can find out just how easy it is to cut, enhance, and share all your video creations with world-class production values ​​using a Wave.Video Lifetime Creator plan. Now the price is only $ 21

.75 at just $ 21.75 TNW deals with limited promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

Wave.Video is intended for the production of short videos with social usage. Just drag and drop your media files into Wave.Video. You can edit your video. add transitions, text and effects; or add elements from a stock of 1.5 million stock video clips, images, and sounds to enrich your work.

When you're done, you'll have an HD video clip that can be exportable for up to a minute in 11 different popular formats for easy sharing. In Wave.Video you can even publish directly to YouTube Facebook and more.

Access to Wave.Video would normally cost you almost $ 500 You only pay $ 21.75 if you use promo code: DOWNLOADIT.

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