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For a monthly subscription fee, this startup sends customized gifts to existing and prospective customers at scale – TechCrunch

In today's noisy, fast-paced world, finding a way to let customers and potential customers know that they are paramount can be a big challenge for companies.

Enter Sendoso, a San Francisco-based 2.5-year online-to-offline startup that promises to procure, store and send everything a business will ever need to send – and its return on investment follow.

How does it work? According to CEO and co-founder Kris Rudeegraap, Sendoso, which was founded in 2016, already has 110 full-time employees, hundreds of supplier relationships and six warehouses, including the largest, an 80,000 square foot space in Las Vegas. He also has relationships with dozens of workers he can call to help him when needed, and, crucially, with Salesforce, Marketo, Engagio, among other platforms on which the companies mainly live.

Together, these different items allow an employee to sign in to Sendoso, click on a contact, enter a customer message, and select a gift if you wish. This directive appears as a campaign on the company's page and as an order at Sendoso, who then goes to work.

Would you like to send cupcakes to a customer in New York? Done. A handwritten note to a prospectus in Washington? No problem. Do you see anything on Amazon? Sendoso will have it sent to one of his warehouses and then repackaged it to make it look like you did it yourself. Then it goes to a big carrier like FedEx or UPS.

Sendoso, which charges a monthly subscription fee for its services, depends on the number of users of the company and its send volume, and addresses both tech startups and Fortune 1

,000 companies with a list of customers, including the Marketing data company LiveRamp, which includes construction management software company ProCore and the call center platform TalkDesk, where Rudeegraap most recently served as lead account executive, was born of the idea for Sendoso

"After ten years in sales it was clear that Customer success due to the digital noise turned away from this dependency on the email. "He sensed that a channel with offline gifts such as wine and handmade notes (The solution authored by Sendoso warehouse staff could be the solution.

The Idea of ​​business-to-business gifts is of course anything but new, and even if Sendoso adapts the experience It is too Not alone, other companies such as Knack in Seattle and Alyce in Boston also focused on the power gifting.

However, investors like Sendoso packaging, so to speak. In fact, Rudeegraap says the company had just closed $ 10.7 million from Series A financing to accelerate its growth, even outside the 15 countries where the service is already available. The round was led by David Sacks Craft Ventures, which included Signia Partners, Storm Ventures, Struck Capital and Hack VC.

Sendoso has so far collected $ 13.2 million.

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