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Ford buys an e-scooter sharing company

There are a number of services that offer the sharing of e-scooters in various markets in the United States. Some rides have even added electric scooters to their fleet. This is a means of transport that is clearly becoming popular in the country. Therefore, it is no wonder that Ford has now bought a startup for e-scooters. The company has announced the acquisition of spin.

It was rumored that Ford was interested in spin, and these rumors have turned out to be true. Ford has confirmed the acquisition of Spin, but has not disclosed the financial details of the transaction.

Spin operates a dockless e-scooter service in 1

5 cities and universities in the United States. Customers charge one dollar for renting a scooter and 15 cents per minute while the scooter is in their possession.

Now that Ford owns the company, Spin has started its service in Detroit, as it is constantly expanding its scooter service for 100 cities over the next 18 months. Spin has confirmed that it will continue to operate under the umbrella of Ford as a stand-alone company, especially in the Smart Mobility division, which pursues a mobility strategy that goes beyond cars. That's why the team of designers, engineers, operators, lawyers and policymakers extended.

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