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Fortnite Ban’s Twitch Streamer FaZe Jarvis again for circumventing the ban on fraud

Fortnite may have banned FaZe Jarvis a second time after celebrating its nearly year-long ban by streaming Fortnite on Twitch.

FaZe Jarvis was banned by Fourteen days again after streaming it on Twitch during its first Fourteen days The ban was still in force. It̵

7;s been almost a full year since Jarvis was permanently banned Fourteen days for using target hacks in a video he posted on YouTube, and Fourteen days did not take Jarvis’ attempt to introduce views well.

Many streamers and professional players have been banned Fourteen days for fraud or conspiracy against opponents, but Jarvis’ publicity stunt earned him one of the toughest bans Fourteen days has ever delivered. Jarvis uploaded a montage of himself using an aimot to win games on YouTube that has since been removed and re-uploaded from a number of other channels. The scam video was then followed by a tearful apology video expressing his regret over using Aimbot.

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To celebrate the almost one year anniversary of the incident, FaZe Jarvis obviously thought it a good idea to celebrate the occasion by creating a secondary event Fourteen days Account and streaming his first game back on Twitch. The only problem is that Jarvis’ original ban hasn’t been lifted. Jarvis announced his return on Twitter to create a hype around his first stream in over 10 months. Within 10 minutes, Jarvis’ Twitch stream had over 50,000 concurrent viewers, and in 13 minutes Jarvis was banned Fourteen days once again despite his best efforts to keep his username secret. While streaming under the “notliljarvis123” account, he was banned before making it in the middle of his first round. The video has since been removed from Jarvis’ Twitch channel, but clips of the ban remain.

There are people who are skeptical of the situation and think that the secondary ban is just another publicity stunt. For starters, Jarvis’ reaction to a ban felt staged, but that could also be because it was expected. However, the screen that Jarvis was shown on when he was allegedly locked is the screen that players will be sent to when someone else logs into the user account. Eventually, an unidentified person walked into the room immediately after Jarvis was forbidden to hold a camera that was apparently filming Jarvis. He also awkwardly stated that Jarvis’ manager wanted Jarvis to end the stream immediately and then proceeded to end the stream for Jarvis.

While this whole Shenanigan is most likely another attempt at clout followed by one of Jarvis’ over-the-top YouTube videos, a lot of people are buying into it. The word “Jarvis” is trending on Twitter now, with thousands of people posting clips and screenshots from the stream, in disbelief at the ridiculous actions of FaZe Jarvis Once again. No matter how authentic it is Fourteen days Prohibition is it was pretty entertaining for the 15 minutes it took.

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