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Fortnite Corrupted Legends Skin Bundle Leaked

Fortnite’s Corrupted Legends pack was revealed by data miners before it was released. Here you will find everything you need to know about the cosmetic package.

As Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has unfolded, Epic Games has focused entirely on the Marvel skins. You can dress in the outfits of some of your favorite Avengers, Fantastic Four and other characters of the comic book giants.

In addition, you can even Create your own hero with the various customizable skin packs, but it̵

7;s not all about superheroes and villains. Oh no, the developers are still releasing the unique cosmetics fans have come to know and love.

As early as Season 4, fans will have the opportunity to get bundles like the Street Serpent Starter Pack and that Samurai Scrapper Pack, But the latest set – the Corrupted Legends Pack – may be the best yet.

Fortnite wonder superheroes sit at the table
Epic games

Some of Marvel’s most famous characters have relegated to Fortnite.

Fortnite Corrupted Legends Cosmetics

The brand new package was revealed by a number of leaks after updating to version 14.10, including iFireMoneky and ShookPAin line with the samurai theme of the previous cosmetic packages.

This includes three skins – Arachne, Insight and Shogun – as well as three unique back blings that suit each character – Long Legs, Sight Sligh and Bladed Wings.

However, it’s the skin styles that catch the eye, as the three skins can switch from the light side to the extremely dark side in no time – each of which can go from a light white to a deep dark red.

Fortnite Corrupted Legends package release date and price

Although the price may be $ 16.99 in the photo above, it is just a placeholder from ShookPA and should be changed a little before it is released.

Previous packages differed in pricing, with some being $ 20, others $ 18, and more recently $ 15.99. Some have suggested that this Corrupted Legends Pack could cost as much as $ 24.99, but we’ll have to wait until it does.

At the time of writing, no leaker has been able to pinpoint this, so all you need to do is keep an eye on the item shop for the days and weeks ahead.

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