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Fortnite is operational again after shutting down the servers


Fortnite was temporarily out of order.

Angela Lang / CNET

Fourteen days will return to normal after the server shuts down on Monday as problems related to logins and forced logoffs have been resolved.

“Fortnite does not exclude players who receive the message” You are not authorized to play Fortnite “or” Your account has no longer access to play Fortnite “as a result of this issue,” the game updates account tweeted early Monday afternoon. Adding that it would share an update when the issues were fixed.

Shortly after 3 p.m. PT, the Fortnite status was tweeted, “We have returned from server downtime and logins are now working properly. We are still monitoring.”

Epic Games, publisher of the Battle Royale game, has been transformed into a own fight with Apple and Google The technology giants charge developers in their app stores via fees. Fortnite was kicked from the App Store and the Google Play Store after trying to bypass that 30% fee that the companies are charging developers. Epic countered by filing lawsuits against both companies.

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