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Fortnite Nintendo Switch Special Edition revealed, with new Joy-Con colors

Nintendo has revealed a new Fortnite

Nintendo Switch Bundle – with brand new yellow and blue Joy-Con colorways. Nintendo has already released Fortnite bundles for the Nintendo Switch, but they have never been as complicated as this new bundle. While previous bundles only included a standard switch with Fortnite and some V-Bucks, this new Special Edition console includes a dock and switch with a Fortnite theme, as well as a Joy-Con with a Fortnite theme. It also includes 2000 V-Bucks and the Wildcat Bundle, as reported by NintendoLife. You can check out the Limited Edition console in the slideshow below.

Fortnite Nintendo Switch Bundle in limited edition

The console has so far only been announced for release in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. There is no word on whether this console will make its way to the US or other regions. It will be released on October 30th in Europe and November 6th in Australia and New Zealand. Pricing is AU $ 469.95 in Australia. A price for the bundle in New Zealand or Europe has not yet been announced.

As you can see in the slideshow above, it includes the Switch console, dock, and Joy-Con, each with Fortnite themes, plus a Wildcat bundle code that includes the Wildcat outfit and two other skins, the Sleek Strike backpack and two contains other back pain and 2000 V-Bucks.The left Joy-Con wears a deep yellow, while the right Joy-Con has a blue color – both unlike the current yellow and blue Joy-Con colors – as well as the battle bus hanging down from the home button.

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