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Fortnite update 2.86 patch notes! – Platforms, new content, bug reports and more!

Epic has released a new update aimed at fixing some important console issues!

Fortnite Update 2 86

Epic released a new update for Fortnite today!

It does this before the potential drop in content that comes next week with the 2:20 pm update.

Here is everything you need to know about Update 2.86, as well as the platforms it will be available on!


No new content

Unfortunately, this newly updated update doesn’t include any new content for players to delve into.

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Update 2.86 simply fixes some glitches that occurred on certain systems.

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This patch comes right before a major content update due later next week (Update 14.20).

Error messages

This update specifically addresses an ESP error message that was displayed on certain systems such as PS4 and Xbox One.

Epic tweeted saying, “We have started rolling out a maintenance patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” So expect your version of the game to need an update.

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This update also addresses some system stability issues. These are mostly on the Xbox One console.


This new update is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox!

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This update is not available on the PC because the problems covered in this patch have no effect on the PC system.

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