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Fortnite: Where’s the Apple Vs. Epic battle title?

The gaming world has stood still since Apple and Epic decided to take legal action against each other. Apparently over 60 million players left the game in that war. While this has been a problem for the entire community, there is not much that can be done about it.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, retweeted a post by Dean Takahashi that contained a full summary of what went on with the lawsuit.

The article dealt with the topic “Apple v. Epic – an introduction to the antitrust arguments and interesting facts ”. A similar Problem with Google has taken the back seat for now.

It all started on August 13th when Epic decided to add another payment method. Their move to add a discount policy and direct payment mechanism ultimately resulted in Fortnite being banned from iOS. While this was seen as a drastic step, certain variables need to be considered.

Apple Vs Epic, Where Are You Going?

On the one hand, the case showed a violation of the terms of use. Tim Sweeney has loudly argued that the 3rdThe 0% commissions the big companies get from every game transaction is unfair and Epic should be able to sell its in-app merchandise directly to players at lower prices.

Epic came out peppy, filing lawsuits against Apple and Google. Their marketing campaign also added a spoof version that mocked Apple’s stance. After #FreeFortnite went viral on social media, Epic announced a tournament to get free skins that looked like bad apples.

The community wondered what is at stake for these two companies. VentureBeat reported: “Epic Games has not asked the court for damages. It is merely requesting that Apple be banned from punishing Epic Games for its actions related to the direct payments in Fortnite. Apple has sought damages, punitive damages, legal fees and interest, and the refund and deterioration of all receipts, profits, indemnities, benefits and other allegedly improper gains that Epic made as a result of conduct against the Apple Terms of Service. “

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The bottom line on Fortnite’s return to iOS

Epic and Apple both made their arguments and reasoned their actions. Epic games have a stronger claim against Apple’s monopoly here. Apple responded with a bit of humor on their part, particularly the antitrust claim.

This matter has puzzled the community for a while. Numerous fans believe that only the players suffer. The litigation between these technology conglomerates could last for years. In the meantime, it is best for gamers to find alternative means of playing Fortnite.

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