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Foxconn and other Chinese factories take strict measures to prevent another outbreak

Foxconn and other factories in China have taken strict measures to prevent another virus outbreak in the country. This follows from an overview of the practices shared today by the Washington Post .

Pages from a manual issued by Foxconn that covers rules that employees must follow. Image from the Washington Post.

Apple iPhone provider Foxconn, for example, has organized teams of 20 teams that work together day and night for health monitoring purposes. "The same group of employees work, travel, live, and eat together to ensure that employees' personal trajectories are fully tracked," said a statement from the Zhengzhou government that Foxconn is located in.

A Foxconn employee told the Washington Post that workers are provided with a face mask and their temperatures are checked regularly. There are also infrared cameras that can be used to check people for fever as they walk by. Foxconn said it also used nucleic acid tests and chest X-rays when needed, and made 10 million surgical masks for employees.

At lunchtime, Foxconn employees eat at cafeteria tables that are separated by large partitions. There are even QR codes in the cafeteria seats that employees can scan, so Foxconn records who sat where and when with meals. In the dormitories where they sleep, the employees leave their coats and bags in a designated place for disinfection.

Foxconn and other Apple factories were closed for much of February because of the outbreak that has now largely subsided in China. China requires employers to check temperatures and provide face masks to employees, and provide daily reports on workers' health. Many U.S. companies may need to take similar steps when canceling home stay orders across the country.

Other companies in China have taken similar measures, including preventing employees from leaving factories and, in some cases, taking additional measures to go home. For details, see the full Washington Post report .

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