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From censorship to video recorder: These are the top reddit posts from 2019

In 2019, Reddit brought more than 199 million posts, from the phenomena of tree-stapled bread to the death of Internet icon Grumpy Cat. With media giants such as Facebook seeing slower growth, the number of monthly active users on the home page of the Internet increased by a surprising 30% compared to 2018.

Data compiled by October 2019 shows growth in the online community, including a 37% more monthly comments and 53% more monthly views. The platform saw 1.7 billion comments and 32 billion upvotes this year.

Ironically, the post with the most upvotes is one that criticizes Reddit. The post, which includes the image of the Tiananmen Square Tanker, is a source of concern over potential censorship after the investment platform of Tencent, a China-based platform, received $ 1

50 in investment.

"Given the fact that reddit [sic] was making an investment of $ 150 million from a Chinese censorship powerhouse, I thought it would be nice to see this image of 39; tank man & # 39; posting on Tienanmen Square before our new glorious overlords decide us can no longer post it, "the post said, which has more than 228,000 positive votes. Reddit maintained his sense of humor and shared the top-rated entry with the note that he was "presented uncensored by us Overlords."

The second best contributor with 225,000 upvotes is in the r / gaming thread, an illustration of sharing a favorite game with a loved one. The following is a report on "People Who Have not Pooped in 2019" and praise for those who have established the tradition of not seeing the wedding dresses and saving innumerable grooms from clothing purchases. The fifth most popular post is a thank-you message from an 86-year-old who bought a video recorder on eBay and then watched old home videos.

While these were the posts with the most positive votes, Reddit has also noted several trends of the year, including stapling of bread on trees, the tribute of the late Grumpy Cat, and the #trashtag challenge. The discussion on environmental issues and climate change as well as on politics were also big topics on the platform. China was the most discussed news topic on the platform, while articles about the Hong Kong protest were the most commonly shared.

Reddit also identified several other trends in the report, including a leap in beauty supporters, peaking in conversations about fast food and prescription release, subscriber numbers for parent communities, the most talked-about entertainment and sporting events, and conversation in game communities increased 87%.

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