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Further Bitcoin ETF hopes have failed after the SEC "inappropriate"

A Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) notice has withdrawn an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) proposed by the Blockforce Capital Reality Shares ETF Trusts.

Reality Shares requested an application to seek the SEC's approval of the ETF at the Commission's request to revoke it. An attorney representing reality shares said Coindesk that the SEC believed it was "inappropriate to file a registered 40 Cryptocurrency Act fund at this time." due to a regulatory act that would have resulted in automatic approval of the ETF within 75 days. The lawyer told Coindesk that the SEC had been particularly concerned with this strategy, which could explain its removal.

For people who want to visit a Bitcoin BTC ETF on Wall Street, the SEC should make a decision on the VanEck ETF later this month. This implies that the decision will not be postponed a second time.

Published February 1

4, 2019 – 09:23 UTC

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