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Future of Power, Palpatine Impact

When a young boy at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi was forced to draw a broom he looked into the sky and we thought the future. And while his sequel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker treats the impact of this scene and its significance for the future everything is heavily influenced by the past.

"The idea of ​​how the Jedi heritage will continue and how the power and its use will spill over to the next generation [is] will surely be taken up", Chris Terrio the co-author of The Rise of Skywalker explained that the film's complexity is not to find out what the future stands for Broom Boy and his crew, but in balance with the ideas of the past and, above all, the Idea of ​​Emperor Palpatine. This saga is really the story of the Skywalker, but also of the Skywalker story of Palpatine, "Terrio said. "The way these two philosophies and ways of life in the world meet. And so we felt ̵

1; and I know J.J. [Abrams, co-writer and director] said this, but it's pretty real that it would be almost strange not to associate this trilogy and the nine films in any way with the ancient shadow of Palpatine.

The origin of the First Order is examined in The Rise of Skywalker.
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That could understandably confuse some fans. Palpatine has disappeared for decades, both in the Star Wars canon and in their minds. And although this is not exactly true (several stories from the extended universe, canonical and non-canonical, have hinted that his essence is still present ), the return might possibly return him at the end of [19459005untergraben] Jedi . Terrio admitted that he and Abrams were worried about it and deliberately made sure it did not happen.

" The end of the return of the Jedi is a beautiful ending for this part of the war," said Terrio. "The victim of Vader, the salvation of Vader. The salvation of his son. It's so deep in my mind and soul that The Return of the Jedi is the first movie I've ever seen that the last thing we ever wanted to do was suggest that this Victims did not take the gravity and the meaning that it did. I think we have found a way in which everything stays intact. But the story was not over yet.

No, that was not the case, not only in the following movies. In most stories, after the return of the Jedi ( including the Mandalorians ) remains of the Empire are preserved, remains that will eventually create the First Order .

"There are certain threads in mythology that make it a natural entry point for the continuation of history", said Terrio, "and so the fact that the war was not really over is already contained in the story of the sequels. The First Order even comes through remnants of the Empire in the expanded universe … And so we wanted to investigate this in the context of a family saga.

The Rise of Skywalker is a family saga.
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Terrio also quickly reminded us, though we may not think so. In this way, Rey herself is an important part of this connection between past and present.

"We meet Rey for the first time literally in the wreck of the old war. The old war is present in every conceivable way in their lives, "he said. "So we wanted to explore the first order a little further and the origins of the first order and how the past influences the present. And by exploring history in the way we did, we could keep the meaning of the past, even in the present war. "

Yes, I hear me like The rise of Skywalker will be a lot . But considering it in the overall context of not just Star Wars but life for those characters, Terrio thinks it had to be that way.

"Another guiding principle was that there were no final victories," he said. "Every generation must resume the fight." Fight the old evil in new forms. [So] For the epic scope of the saga we'll expand the canvas and the palette a bit. "

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will open on December 20. more

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