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GE has a solution for the final repair of smelly washing machines

Photo : GE

The design of front-loading washing machines can make a laundry room smell horrible when you pay attention Do not insist on keeping the unit clean and dry when not in use. But who has time to wash his washing machine regularly? Nobody. That's why GE has added some clever improvements to its UltraFresh front-loading washers, which prevent odor-causing bacteria from thriving.

Front-loading washing machines are more efficient than the top-loader design that has been known for decades. Use less water and electricity to run, and avoid clothing and clothing. They seem to be the obvious choice, but since the drum is full of water, the machines need a watertight seal and a sealed door, both of which will inevitably become soaking wet at the end of a cycle. For this reason, front loader washing machines include the express instruction to leave the doors open after loading and to wipe the rubber seal. Bacteria and mold can be produced, resulting in a horrible odor that is difficult to clean when it becomes a problem.

Rather than relying on front-loading washing machines, GE's new UltraFresh front-loading washing machines tackle the stench on three levels. The rubber seal, which creates a tight seal between the rotating drum and the washing machine door, is now wider and has a steeper angle to ensure that water drains completely after a load, rather than causing problems.

When a charge is loaded Complete users should not only be able to leave the washing machine door closed, but also be able to activate a new feature called the UltraFresh Vent System, which allows the drum to be rotated at low speed to sporadically progress of the day to suck in fresh air into the machine and to circulate hopefully dry out remaining moisture. The final line of defense is that GE has added antimicrobial additives from Microban to the seal, soap dispenser, drainpipe and water pump of the washer to further inhibit bacterial growth throughout the machine.

The washer will be available in four color finishes: diamond gray, white, sapphire blue and satin nickel
Photo : GE

If The UltraFresh front-loading washing machines will be on sale sometime in January next year, ranging in price from $ 899 to $ 1,199, depending on the size and optional features included. But like most other devices currently on the market, it offers smart features that connect to your home's wireless network. In addition to remotely launching and monitoring loads with a smartphone app, a feature of Washer Link is that a GE washer communicates with a GE dryer and passes on information about the last load (such as type of clothing and fabrics, size) and how it is still wet) so that the dryer can intelligently select the best settings to dry everything properly instead of having to guess and may need to run it twice if it suspects it to be wrong.

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