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GE UltraFresh front loader washers are designed to resist germs and smelly odors

The biggest problem with front-loading washing machines is their tendency to stink. In the door seal and other areas, lint and moisture can accumulate, creating a strong odor that is difficult to remove. In fact, GE recently said in a press release that mildew and odor are "the biggest complaint" for front-loading washers for 46% of its customers. Even more interesting is that every second owner of a front-loading washing machine switches back to a top-loader washing machine according to their own research because of the problem. So the brand has found a solution. After two years of research, the new line of UltraFresh front-loading washing machines was developed to remedy the odor problem.

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"Consumers are looking for solutions and come up with B. cleaning the washing machine after each use, wiping the seal and opening the door "Peter Pepe, VP of Product Management for Laundry at GE Appliances, said in a press release. "Our new UltraFresh front-loading washing machine is the first in the industry to solve problems that cause stink. It greatly simplifies the care, maintenance and laundry operations for the consumer. "

Typically used to combat foul odors in the front. Wipe off the door seal after each use, letting the air out of the drum by keeping the door open , and give the entire washing machine a bath with a vinegar solution every month. UltraFresh washers are designed to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria before starting with a three-step approach. Initially, the washing machine was designed to run more completely and leave less water. If there is no water, bacteria have no chance to grow. UltraFresh washing machines have a wider, angled seal that allows water to drain from the washing machine after each wash.

Second, the brand ensures that the drum and seal dry completely. This is done using the UltraFresh venting system with OdorBlock button. After a load, press the button and a ventilation system sucks in air and dries the inside of the washing machine. Third, the seal, dispenser, and pump are equipped with Microban antibacterial technology that prevents bacteria from growing.

  The ultra-fresh front-loading washing machines are prepared for germs and smelly odors.

In addition to anti-stink technology, there are some other interesting features. The washing machine can hold a full bottle of detergent, detect the need for each load, and dispense the detergent as needed. This reduces waste and allows you to wash without touching a detergent bottle for up to 32 loads. It can also connect to your Wi-Fi for remote launches.

Even if you are excited about this new washing machine, it is currently not available. The UltraFresh Front Load Washers are available from January 2020 from your local home appliance retailer and range from 899 US $ to 1 199 US $ RRP.

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