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Get a MacBook Air for sale for an incredible $ 500 on Amazon

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  The 5th generation of the MacBook Air - pretty much as good as the new and much cheaper.
The 5th Generation MacBook Air – pretty much as good as the new and significantly cheaper.

Image: pexels / apple

Good news: After drowning in new iPhone and Apple Watch news in the past two months, we've finally been blessed with a new MacBook Air model.

Bad news: It's kind of a disappointment. The new Air is essentially equipped with the same old design that was first introduced in 2008, now with thinner bezels and colors other than silver (* sarcastic whoopee *). It's also overpriced for the small upgrades. (Read the full review here.)

Back to the good news: If you are not one of the people who insist on the latest and greatest of all, you should know that the fifth generation MacBook is just as good Air costs $ 500 on Amazon, the price drops to $ 899. IDK about you, but we take that every day.

Just for your information: $ 899 are almost the most refurbished MacBook Airs at Best Buy, and even we can not believe that Amazon offers new ones for those low. Whatever, do not let that question us.

If there's a laptop that's confidently one size fits all, then it's the MacBook Air – whether it's a baby's first laptop, a graduate of high school senior for college, a full-time adult laptop or grandma's introductory laptop. They are less than three pounds, thin enough to fit comfortably in any pocket, and feature an impressively large 13.3-inch display – and are capable of 12 hours of battery life with a charge.

For those interested in the Internet This MacBook Air features 8GB of RAM, 128GB of SSD, a 1.8GHz Intel dual-core processor, and the Intel UHD Graphics 6000 card. Compared to the new Air, almost all specifications have stayed the same, as most changes are made to the outside, so you will not miss much if you opt for the cheaper, older model.

You can regularly save $ 1,398.60 $ 500 and unplug the MacBook Air for yourself or as a gift for a bomb for only $ 899.

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